In February of 1959, Archbishop Edwin Byrne established our parish with Father Charles Wall as its first pastor. The parish was located on what was then the outskirts of Albuquerque and the church was housed in a Butler building. The archbishop solemnly dedicated the church on April 10, 1960.  
In 1961, Monsignor Albert Chavez was appointed the second pastor and during his eight years at the parish he built the rectory and parish hall.  
In 1969, Monsignor James Rabbitt was appointed pastor and during his service the church and hall went through the first renovation.  

In 1985, Father Arthur Perrault was appointed pastor during which time the church went through its second renovation.

In October of 1992, Father Tom Zotter was asked to pastor St. Bernadette's for six months. When he arrived, there was a huge hole which a few months later became our multi-purpose building. For nearly nine years, he prayed for guidance about a major renovation which was truly needed. But when the lights began to flicker during Masses and water pipes began to burst under the church's foundation, the project became inevitable.