Virtual Tour

Welcome pilgrims. Experience your own personal tour of the Shrine of St. Bernadette. Beautiful images and a narration will guide you along.

Here is how to take the tour:

-Each cross represents a location on the tour. The beginning of the tour is on the cross furthest right towards the bottom.

-Click on a cross. A window will appear and a movie will load. Please be patient.

-When the movie is done it will close automatically or you may choose to click the close button.

-Additional videos are available on the blueprint of the tour labeled, "Brief History", "The Museum", and "The Nave". Click on one of the listed titles and a window will appear and a movie will load.

If you do not see a blueprint of the virtual tour, reload the page. If you are having technical difficulties, please utilize the contact form on the Contact page. Thank you.

Enjoy your the virtual tour!